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deadline reached
  Royal_Rumble, Jan 01 2013

Happy new year and I got a question for tutz:
where are the aliens?

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last nite in Shanghai
  Royal_Rumble, Jan 30 2011

Hey, I am not very active anymore, but I still lurk around here from time to time, though I do not play any more poker. Last years shot went bad, I could not even beat NL25 anymore (but I did not play a big sample, I think I should still be able to crush it, but that is not the point here), so I completely quit poker and try to get a university degree... I am almost there, already turned in my thesis, will have 3 more exams in February and if everything goes well I am will be a Bachelor of Science in 4 weeks...

So this is last night story, it's a bit long, but maybe you will enjoy the read, it's not about sluts though.

At the moment I am doing a internship in Shanghai/China and last night me and some friends at first, one friend later went clubbing. I get a wage from my company which is very good for Chinese standards, but drinking, clubbing and girls take lots of cash away, I took my last money (about $50) and went out that night. My Chinese account was empty with that and I can not take credit off it.

My friend lives near my apartment, but not exactly in the neighborhood, but we wanted to take a taxi together back after having drunk all night long. At that point, I had already spend most of my money, I had about $8 left, enough to split the bill for the cab home. Anyway, my friend got to know some ho and he took a taxi for himself. He wanted to make sure he could start with the foreplay already. He knew about my situation, so he gave me a 100 RMB note (about $15),allowing me to take a cab, too.
Somehow because of my retardation, I lost that note in the club. Now that was bad, but I thought I would be able to get some cash from the ATM from my European account, that ATM is near my apartment. I got into the taxi and told the driver where to go. Shanghai is really huge, so it took like forever, and in the end the bill was at like $12 or $13. I told him that I need to withdraw cash (I do not speak Chinese, so I showed him my Cash Card) and went to the ATM, but it's fucking China, and nothing is working as it should, no cash for me after several tries.

Basically, I am fucked, it's 4 o'clock in the morning, I am drunk as hell and I am not able to pay my cab driver, so what the fuck do I do? I do not feel like cheating my poor driver and I know that $13 can be a lot to simple employees in China, so I went back to the cab, gave him my last $8 and said "Sorry, but I did not get any cash" what he probably did not understand as Chinese taxi drivers speak English very poorly, like most Chinese people. Then I took a run into the darkness... Holy shit, screaming wheels and and a pissed off taxi driver ready to run me over, he was really fast coming after me with his taxi although I started my run for my life in the opposite direction as he was standing. He was shouting hellish swears at me. My adrenaline started pumping.

Now you have to know that Chinese people are really friendly towards "Lao wai" or westerners AS LONG as they can extract money from you. I am convinced that they can become very unfriendly and unpleasant when they realize that you cannot be their cashcow anymore or even owe them money, like I did in that moment. For sure I did not want to find out middle in the night in some dark road. I did not know whether he was calling the police or colleagues or whatever, but I thought it is a bad idea to get caught.

Another thing to take into consideration is the architecture of Chinese streets. You cannot simply vanish into the night, because there are fences and walls everywhere, you are forced to stay on the streets and if you want to enter your flat (they are in compounds most of the time, which can only be entered through gates. And these gates are protected by watchmen 24/7. I did not want my new nemesis to know which compound I live in and running by the watchmen in the night would not be a good idea either, so I took another direction. He was still behind me, I could hear his taxi. I took several 180 turns to get rid of him. Luckily there was a small passage at some point which I entered. The taxi driver did not get off his taxi, he was an old fatty anyway, I knew I could outrun him and he did probably know it, too.

I started feeling safe for the moment but I did not know if he gave up at that point (I mean i owed him like $5) or he would try to get a manhunt on me, so I hid like for several minutes and felt like James "underground" Bond. Like a ninja-night-warrior I took peeks around corners to see where he was and what he was doing, sneaking silently around the buildings, even creeping on the ground to not get spotted by him or alerted colleagues/watchmen/w/e. My next concern was whether the driver would inform the watchmen around to look out for a young "yang guizi" that ripped him off. I took a walk around the block, always hiding in the bushes if a taxi would run by and got into my compound from the back side, that guard did sleep, in the end I was safe finally.

Now I have to watch out in the future when I take a cab here :-/

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back in black
  Royal_Rumble, Jun 07 2010

yeah, I am not talking about that AC/DC album or song, I am talking about me.

I quit poker about one year ago because I was on a long breakeven streak, got together with my current gf (she's polish and somewhat catholic and ya all know gambling is evil) and wanted to put more effort into my studies.

However, girls are expensive and slowly I have run dry of money so I need some fresh cash. I got some shitty students job (pizza deliveror lol) which I rage-quit after about one week, thinking about the sweet times when money came in easily by playing cards on the computer.
I didn't become a better student either, I felt like I wasted more time than necessary which I could use as well for playing hold'em.

So, all the conditions are given for infamous royal_rumble coming back and terrorizing the tables! GF may like it or not, but I am a man and I do whatever I want.

I should add here that by no means I am a good poker player, I am really bad, all I do is abusing players that are worse than me. I used to be a winner up to 1/2 but I made a deposit and had to start grinding .25/.50. I got the poker player feeling right away, bad beats and coolers incoming at a furious frequency, so I lost quite a bit and I was forced to drop down to .10/.25 on which I am struggling atm.

Here is a graph for your viewing pleasure how I have run so far:

+ Show Spoiler +

shouts to all the guys I used to theorize with, namely bigbb33, lachlan, rockman255 and pplusad.

beware of the setminers, peace out.

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